GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192

  • 【FOR ONLINE TEACHING & MEETING】You can use PD1560 pen display for online education and remote meeting. It works with most online meeting programs, like Zoom, and so on. 【FOR DIGITAL ART & CREATION】-- It's not only for amatuer but also for professionalists for digital drawing, sketching, graphics design, 3D art work, animation, etc. 【FOR ANNOTATING AND SIGNATURE】--It is also broadly used in annotating and signing file in excel, word, pdf, ppt, etc.

  • 【10 EXPRESS KEYS & 8192 PEN PRESSURE SENSITIVITY】-- 10 shortcut keys are customizable . 8192 leves's pen pressure gives you better control of lines. About 2 hours to 2.5 hours for full charge of pen lasts 350hours work. 【PEN HOLDER & 8 NIBS】-- nibs are inside pen holder. 【HIGH QUALITY IPS FULL HD SCREEN】-- Report Rate: 233PPS Viewing Angle: 178°Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080(16:9) 【PRE-APPLIED SCREEN FILM】- to protect the surface screen ,also providing paper-like drawing experience

  • 【ADJUSTABLE STAND】-- You can find a perfect and comfortable position by dragging the switch to adjust the angle of pen display . 【3-in-1 CABLE】-- To reduce the cable clutter.f there is no hdmi port on your computer, you need extra hdmi adapter. We don't recommend usb to hdmi adapter.

  • 【OS SUPPORT& PROGRAM COMPATIBILITY】-- Windows 7/8/10 or later, Mac OS 10.11 or later; compatible with most major drawing software. Works great Photoshop、Pant Tool SAI 2、Cilp Studio Paint, Illustrator、SketchBook Pro、MediBang Paint Pro, etc. 【FOR DIGITAL ART】-- It's a high quality product not only for beginners, but also for professionals. It's broadly used in photo editing, sketching, digital drawing,manga, animation, etc.

  • 【Others】---Please use extra hdmi adapter if there is no hdmi port on your computers. We don't usb to hdmi adapter. And better using one to one type hdmi adapter instead of multi ports hub. If you use Win system, please make sure there is no other brands tablet driver installed before installing GAOMON Driver.

1. Tablet Connection:

  • It is NOT a standalone product.Connect it to a laptop or desktop which runs windows or mac system to work. It does not work Chrome OS.

  • Make sure to completely and firmly plug USB & HDMI cable into PD1560, without gap left. (IMPORTANT)

  • If you use a desktop, please plug the HDMI cable into graphic card of tower but not on motherboard.

  • If there is no HDMI port on your computer, you need an extra HDMI adapter. For example: VGA to HDMI adapter, DVI to HDMI adapter, Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter, etc. We don't recommend USB to HDMI adapter, and multi-ports hub. We recommend one to one type hdmi adapter. If you don't know which kind of adapter to use, ask GAOMON Tech Support please.

2. Tips For Mac Mojave New System Users:

  • If you use Mac new system v10.14 mojave or above, after you installed GAOMON Driver, please remember to put GaomonTablet and TabletDriverAgent into the whitelist first. Mac Mojave 10.14 and above versions OS upgraded in security section and need put programs you newly downloaded into whitelist first to normally use it.

3. GAOMON Tech Support:

  • GAOMON Tech Support Might Be More Supportive Than You Thought. And welcome to FAQ Section on GAOMONWeb. Or via Amazon Message.

​8192 Levels Rechargeable Pen

-- 8192 pen pressure levels offers a more accurate and precise movement of the pen-slider, makes your drawing line smooth and natural.

--The nibs are in the pen holder, the clip is integrated at the bottom of the pen holder.

IPS Full HD Screen-- Resolution: 5080LPI Report Rate: 233PPS Viewing Angle: 178° Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080(16:9) Display Area: 344.16 × 193.59mm(13.5*7.6 inch) Satisfy your needs on creative space. Ensures fineness, definition and accuracy of image color and lines

One-Year Guaranty-- Guaranty service will be ensured only if the damage is not caused by man-made factor

Express Keys & Menus Buttons

10 Express Key --- There are 10 express keys available to be customized according to your own creative habits, it can make the operation more efficient, and save your precious time.

5 Menus Button ---- They are placed on the left side of the display: AUTO / + / - / MENU / POWER

Left Hand Support

Left mode for Windows: Open GAOMON app -- Workspace -- Set 'rotation' angle to 180 ° in the right bottom

Come to computer Screen Setting Page -- Select 'Screen Resolution' -- Select 'Horizontal (flip)' in the orientation column -- OK -- Click 'Keep Change'

Left mode for the Mac: Open the GAOMON driver -- Workspace -- Set the rotation angle to 180 ° in the lower right corner -- Click on 'Displays' in Mac System Preference' -- Set 'Rotate' to 180 ° -- Click 'Apply


1x Adjustable Stand

1x Protect Bag ///

1x USA STD Adapter/// 1x 3-in-1 Cable

1x Pen Holder ///

1x Rechargeable Pen /// 1x Pen Charging Cable

Quick Start Guide

8x Replacement Nibs & 1x Tip Clip (In the Pen Holder)