Ergotron HX Ultrawide Monitor

Ergotron HX Ultrawide

  • Heavy-duty monitor arm lets you easily reposition large screens for better comfort, enhanced productivity and more desktop space

  • Offers 23.6 inches (60 centimeters) of extension and 11.5 inches (29 centimeters) of lift; up to 360-degree rotation and 75-degree tilt

  • Holds 20 to 42 pounds (9 to 19 kilograms), making it perfect for screens up to 42 inches or larger (screen depth over 6 inches/15 centimeters may limit compatibility)

  • Avoid hitting adjacent walls with the rotation stop; cable management controls cord chaos

  • Sturdy, professional-grade design includes a 10-year warranty

Moving You Forward

We are a movement company. It’s who we’ve been since Harry Sweere founded Ergotron in 1982 and earned patents on some of the first ergonomic desk stands. His legacy of innovation guides how we help our customers address the challenges of today and carries on in our core values.

Customer Obsessed

Our human-centered product design and development centers on solving problems for our customers to help them thrive.

Professional-Grade Quality

Our professional-grade products are engineered for durability and tested to performance excellence.

Ergonomics & Wellness

We provide tools and resources to help you find your best fit and make your move to a stronger, healthier you.

Built to Last

10,000-cycle tested design—the equivalent of moving the arm through its full motion range three times a day for ten years.

Flexible Positioning

Add flexibility and superior ergonomics with 25 inches (60 centimeters) of extension and 11.5 inches (29 centimeters) of lift.

Saves Space

Streamlined look enhances your work area, freeing up desk space for your phone and notes with neat cable management.

Effortless Adjustment

  • An advanced mechanical design is paired with a universal VESA interface, enabling attachment to heavy ultrawide and curved displays

  • No matter which way you lift, tilt, pan, or turn, the effort remains small with a uniform force applied throughout the range of motion

Attachment Options

Two attachment methods included:

  • Desk clamp attaches to the desk’s edge 0.4–2.4 inches (1–6.6 centimeters) thick

  • Grommet mount attaches to desks less than 2.8-inches (7.2-centimeters) thick via a 0.4–2-inches (1–5.1-centimeters) wide hole in the desk's surface

Multiple Colors

Complement your existing décor with three versatile color options:

  • Polished Aluminum

  • Matte Black

  • Brilliant White

Add Multiple Screens

Convert your arm to hold two or three displays with the Dual Monitor & Handle Kit (97-783) or Triple Monitor Bow Kit (98-009).

Immerse Yourself

Add the accessory HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot (98-540-216) to support 1000R gaming displays with a depth of 6–12 inches (15–30 centimeters).

Sleek Build

Cables stay hidden under the arm and through the extension. Avoid hitting adjacent walls with the rotation stop.